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About Mod

MOD +Partners

MOD +Partners Led by the Co-Founder/ Principal Architect Mostafa Amer. who has solid and wide experience for 24 years in the Urban, architecture field, he has worked on more than 600 projects that range from Urban, Mixed-use, residential, public, corporates & offices, educational & cultural, hotels & resorts ,recreational, industrial, and religious to commercial.

MOD +Partners Name recognition certainly is important ,but more than that is the personal relationship & personal involvement that we provide. We work hard to have a great  working relationship with our clients, building officials, and consultants. Most of our work comes to our word of mouth, so that reputation is very important.

We practice architecture Even with years of experience, we are still learning and improving how we work and how we design buildings. An attitude of constant learning makes what we do more enjoyable. in other words, we don’t settle for “that’s how we’ve always done it”.

Our Vision

To be an acknowledged global leader in delivering our clients outstanding architectural and design solutions, which create exceptional value and are capable to influence our market.

Our Values

M. Maintaining Architectural & Design Excellence.

O. Outstanding Respect to the client’s objectives.

D. Delivering excellent services through Innovation and Strategic Thinking

Our Mission

To achieve excellence in all of our services, related to design studies, engineering and construction-related activities
in general, through the implementation of evolutionary, automated and interrelated procedures, in all the levels of the company, whilst respecting our clients and the environment.

To maintain our recognizable design identity and promote our reputation, as an integrated engineering firm, with a wide collaboration network in KSA and abroad. Our clients, both from public and private sectors, will seek us to achieve and transcend their aspirations.

To add value through our top quality services and our innovative and strategic thinking, while maintaining our ethical practice and reasonable profits.

Our Partners