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RTF A ward for commercial (Concept)

First and foremost, RTF has been hosting these Awards for more than a decade. It gives a great pleasure when people share their winnings proudly after being one of the winners of RTF. Secondly, RTF offers a great list of categories that leaves nobody out and gives equal opportunity to both established as well as young and novice architects & designers. Third and most important is the esteemed Jury panel, our judging criteria have been carefully designed to ensure no decision is biased based on any reason. RTF Architecture Awards include prestigious firms from around the world Entries are carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, esteemed professionals, prominent press members, creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs who devote great care and attention to details while voting each entry. RTF Architecture Awards 2023 offers more than 60 award categories, including concept and built categories under Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Product Design, Exhibition, and Urban Design.

Guaranteed Works

Being a team with different advanced skills varied from technical skills, managing skills , that allows us to work with stable base which granted client trust through all project stages

Architectural services

Architecture Design

Our design team aims to meet the clients’ demands with creative designs in exceptional quality. The team is experienced to deliver outstanding integrated design quality and innovative solutions that ensure both client’s and end users’ satisfaction. For us, each design process is a regenerative adventure that seeks for “a better quality lifestyle”. Our office and design team is equipped with the latest technological tools in order to obtain targeted high-end results. We deliver sustainable and technology-based solutions.

Urban Planning & Landscape Design

Rapid urbanization, demographic change, and the maturing digital age continue to challenge the spatial distribution of people and resources across our cities and the globe. Our designs has the ability to bring nature, technology, and people together.

Site Supervision

Site Supervision & Project Management services are performed by experienced personnel with adequate technical skills and professional qualifications to monitor and coordinate all projects activities while respecting Quality, Safety, and Environment​

Interior Design

The key to creating great interiors is a really strong and coherent core design concept which will add aesthetic, spatial and commercial value to buildings. Our interior design team delivers schemes whose design is always based on a highly distinctive design language. It’s a process of exploration and communication, which draws from the architecture of the buildings involved, the wider context, and from significant cultural, commercial, or historical factors.​


Our structural services address the safety & stability for the different components following the common codes & standards. We have a team that is very well acquainted with all structural building types varying in complexity.

Electromechanical (MEP)

MEP or Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing is an important part of any building project required for creating a safe and comfortable environment. It covers the following disciplines: HVAC, Lighting, Firefighting, Fire Alarm, Water Supply, Sanitary, etc…

the process
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We start with pre-design, often referred to as the programming phase, which kicks off the architectural design process. At this stage, the architect works with the client to understand the plot of land on which the project will take place. They’ll also discuss if there are other structures already on the site and what the client wants for the building they’re commissioning.

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at this phase we develop the designs and present them to you. This means developing a design proposal. we create site plans, floor plans and building elevations. Also necessary are structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Now, it’s time to create a more detailed plans. Those details include the placement of doors and windows and any adjustments to the building form. At this stage, a structural engineer will join the design team to help come up with more accurate estimates for the project.


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